Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm uncomfortable with the whole FSBO thing.  Many of my friends are realtors and they tell me there lots of things to watch out for.

A: Very understandable.  We know that many of our clients are new to FSBO.  That's why we provide the tools to move you through the process.  Remember, we have been helping our clients successfully for over 18 years!

Q: What about all the other FSBO businesses around?  What makes you so special?

A:  Great question!  We're local for starters.  We go to all our client's homes for a personal consultation, bringing all our high-quality signs with us when we come.  We provide a stellar professional photo shoot of your home.  We answer all your questions about the FSBO process, in addition to providing follow-up support until your home is sold!  And, we have over 18 years of experience and many satisfied clients!

Q: How do I go about pricing my home?

A: It is very important to price your home correctly when first putting it on the market.  We will provide you information on home pricing resources.  You may also want to consider a professional appraisal (about $350)

Q: How effective are you?

A: Very.  We opened our business in October, 1999.  Since that time thousands of Birmingham area homes listed on our WEB site have sold.  Once a home has sold we remove it from our website so that buyers can quickly get to homes that are available for sale.

Q: How do home buyers find your site on the Internet?

A:People searching the Internet for a home. Having been in business over 18 years we are well placed on all the major Internet search engines.  Many homes listed on our site have sold to out-of-state buyers who found the home on our WEB site.

Drive-by prospects. We provide high quality yard/directional signs that encourage prospects to visit your Internet Visual Tour. We also provide you with a "Take One" box and high quality Fact Sheet that refers prospects to your WEB page.

Telephone inquiries. We encourage our clients to have their prospects visit their WEB page. We also recommend that our clients modify their answering machine greeting to point their prospects to their Internet Visual Tour.

QWill I have to show the home myself?

A: Yes, if your buyer comes to you directly with no agent (and no agent commission!!) then you will need to show your home to them yourself.  However, if your buyer is working with an agent, that agent will contact you directly to schedule a showing.  If you have a lockbox set up then the agent can (and prefers to) show it without you even being there.  You can also choose to hold open houses (we can advertise these for you).  Those are a good way to consolidate showings into one 2-3 hour period.

Q: Your web site looks different than the last time we saw it.

A: Thanks for noticing!  We have spent many hours redesigning our site for it's relaunch in early 2017 to make it more effective in marketing your home.  We have added many great features to help you sell your home quicker.  We hope you agree!  We're always interested in feedback.


Q: What other benefits are there to listing our home on your site?

A: You schedule appointments with only serious prospects.  If potential buyers have taken a Visual Tour before you schedule an appointment with them you will be more assured of working with a serious buyer.

Q: Do you have any references we could contact?

A: Yes, feel free to call any of our existing clients. Their phone numbers are listed on their WEB page.   Many of our new listings are referrals from delighted clients as well as repeat customers.

Q: Other companies provide "flat-fee MLS".  Many cheaper than you.  Shouldn't I just use one of those?

A:  Another great question!  How are we different?  The main benefit we provide to you is that we are local.  Also, Amanda is a licensed realtor, working under a local real estate broker.  ( is not a real estate broker).   In her realtor capacity Amanda is able to put your home on MLS and maintain your listing for you.  When she receives inquiries from realtors about your home she refers them directly to you.  If you need to make a change to your ForSale-ByOwner listing or your MLS listing one call/text/e-mail to Amanda takes care of it!  We're not one of those high-volume Flat-fee  MLS companies that may take hours or days to return your phone call!  Also, we keep your home on the MLS for up to one year.  Most other companies limit it to six months.

Q: How important is the MLS?

A: Very!  The MLS  gets you much more exposure for your home.  Over 60% of our home sales are through the MLS.    Through our business approach you will be reaching out to both buyers who would prefer to work directly with you (and saving you 3%) as well as hundreds of realtors that are looking for a home for their clients.

Q: How do we pay for your service?

A: Payment for our service is due when we come to your home for the photo shoot.  We prefer personal checks, but we also accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Q: Sounds great. How do I get started?

A: Easy.  Just call or e-mail Amanda in the office to schedule your photo shoot:

Office phone number:  (205) 915-5589
e-mail address:

We schedule our photo shoots Monday thru Friday.  The photo shoot takes about 3 hours.  We can normally schedule your photo shoot within a few days of your phone call/e-mail.  We will have your webpage ready for your review within 2-3 working days of your photo shoot.

We will also need to know the phone number to put on your yard sign and your street address.