MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

  • The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the data base that realtors use to market their homes.
  • Amanda, as a licensed realtor working under our affiliated real estate broker will place and maintain your MLS listing as well as your listing on ForSale-ByOwner.com.
  • Our fee for this MLS placement is included in our $799 listing fee.  We have no additional fees at closing.
  • Instead of the 6% you would normally pay a realtor, you agree contractually to pay a smaller commission (usually 2.5% - 3%) to the real estate Buyers' Agent who brings your buyer to you.  This percentage is on your MLS listing for agents to see.  Also on your MLS listing (under agent notes) is an annotation with your name and instructions that you be contacted directly to schedule an appointment.
  • You can continue marketing your home directly to buyers (avoiding the 2.5% - 3%  Buyer's Agent fee).
  • We will route any buyer’s inquiries we receive directly to you.
  • We also include an "Agents Welcome" rider for your yard sign and will include the phrase “Agents Welcome” below your price on your listing.
  • Your MLS listing will run up to one year.  It can be terminated by you at any time during that year.
  • To make your home more accessible to realtors we recommend that you consider obtaining a lock box ($30 through ForSale-ByOwner.com).
  • Advertising on the MLS significantly increases your chance of getting your home sold.  Over 50% of our client's home sales are through MLS.
  • Gets your home in front of all buyers.  There are buyers who are comfortable working directly with FSBO's and other buyers who prefer to work thru a realtor.   Having your home on ForSale-ByOwner.com as well as MLS keeps your home in front of both groups of buyers.
  • Best of both worlds.  You avoid paying a real estate commission when dealing directly with a buyer.  You only pay a real estate commission (usually 3%) if a realtor brings a buyer and you accept their offer.